Smart WiFi is here.

Are you a Virgin Media broadband customer, but don’t have the hub pictured here? You’re eligible for an upgrade so you can enjoy all the benefits of Smart WiFi. You can swap your existing modem for free, no new contract needed. Just enter your details below to get your new hub.

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Smart WiFi works its magic with 2 genius features:


1.       Channel Optimisation – prevents WiFi congestion

2.       Airtime Fairness – gives all devices their fair share of signal


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I have the latest hub?

If have the hub pictured above, you already have the latest version and your hub’s software will automatically be updated with the latest Smart WiFi features. If you have a different hub, you are eligible for a new one.

When will I receive the new Virgin Media Hub?

We will send you a confirmation email once your order has been processed and you should receive Virgin Media Hub within the next 5 days.

Will my package or contract change?

No, this is a modem upgrade. Your package and price will stay exactly the same and if you are in contract, the end of contract date will not change.

How do I install the new Hub?

It's easy, you will receive step by step instructions with the hub, or you can find details including tips and videos using the link below:

Why is the Virgin Media Hub better than my existing modem?

The new hub is Smart Wifi enabled, for improved connectivity in your home. Because it uses 5GHz & 2.4GHz, you can have both powerful and far-reaching WiFi to ensure every device in your house can get connected.

What if my modem is my Horizon box?

No problem, you can still upgrade to the Virgin Media Hub. You will receive step by step instructions with the hub or you can use the link below: