VOOM Cloud Voice

A cloud based PBX solution to bring your phone system into the 21st Century

Our new cloud based PBX solution replaces your old school telephone platform and provides you with a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution that uses our fibre powered data network to support your voice and data needs.
This means you can go from browsing the web and sending information through to making voice calls, host conference calls, Instant Message or share documents – all through the same connection. Your business could benefit from its scalability, improved availability and control via the self service portals.

VOOM Cloud Voice is an IP centric product and is part of our VoIP portfolio, which includes SIP Trunking. If you’re looking for a full end-to end service where we sort you out with everything, VOOM Cloud Voice is the solution for you.


Our wide-ranging choice of voice products provide everything you need and come with a bespoke price plan.


If you'd like to boosting your national presence or your revenue, our non-geographic inbound business numbers are a brilliant solution.


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