Virgin Cloud Voice

A cloud based solution to bring your phone system into the 21st Century

Our Unified Communications solution replaces your old school telephone platform and provides you with a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution, which uses our fibre powered data network to support all your business’ communications needs. This means you can go from browsing the web and sending information, through to making voice calls, hosting conference calls, receiving or sending a fax by email, or sharing documents – all through the same connection. Open your company to a world of flexible working while making huge cost savings. Your business will also benefit from its scalability and control via the self-service portal.

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Allow your business to work from anywhere

How we do business is changing. Virgin Cloud Voice has all the tools you need to manage your set up according to office hours and who is in or out of the office. Route and redirect calls through your IVR, forward numbers from hunt groups to your employees’ homes or even use your entire office phone set up via our Softphone app on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You can literally operate your business, as if you are in the office, from anywhere. And best of all, our teams are here to help you every step of the way.


How will Virgin Cloud Voice help your business?

By replacing your traditional phone system with a more flexible software-based solution, you are eradicating issues that are costly to your productivity and ultimately to your business. These problems may include poor call quality, dropped calls, outdated hardware and a lack of scalability.

Here’s how our cloud voice solution can benefit your business:


Our intuitive web-based portal puts you in control. Allowing you to manage users and features such as hunt groups, call forwarding and speed dials.


Work phone calls are no longer limited to the physical office space. Employees can choose to take calls at home or on the go, which opens up a whole new world of flexible working for the business.

Cost Effective

Our software based solution gives you all the sophisticated telephony features with none of the upfront investment or on-site maintenance. And with our award winning broadband bundled in, office solutions have never been more affordable.

Future proof

Automatic upgrades are installed as they become available. These allow you to quickly benefit from new innovative features at no extra cost. Easily scale up when your business grows, no need to physically install new extensions.

Be a big business even if you are not

Virgin Cloud Voice helps you do the cool stuff that all the big companies seem to do. Like personalised on hold recording with your latest business update or special offer and internal voice routing to better handle calls flows (press 1 for sales request, press 2 for support etc…).

Our Virgin Cloud Voice plans

Virgin Cloud Voice is offered as part of a monthly package offering,
meaning even more savings for your business.

Cloud Voice

•  400Mb Fibre Broadband
•  2nd Dedicated broadband modem
•  Cloud Voice with up to 5 numbers*
•  Next Working Day SLA



per month
(exc VAT)


Cloud Voice

•  500Mb Fibre Broadband
•  2nd Dedicated broadband modem
•  Cloud Voice with up to 5 numbers*
•  Next Working Day SLA



per month
(exc VAT)


Cloud Voice

•  750Mb Fibre Broadband
•  2nd Dedicated broadband modem
•  Cloud Voice with up to 10 numbers*
•  Next Working Day SLA



per month
(exc VAT)



Cloud Voice

•  1Gb Fibre Broadband
•  2nd Dedicated broadband modem
•  Cloud Voice with up to 10 numbers*
•  Next Working Day SLA



per month
(exc VAT)



*Additional fees if you require more numbers and Softphone licenses (landline anywhere app) to be applied to your account




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Your questions answered!

Is Virgin Cloud Voice for me?

Virgin Cloud Voice is for all types of businesses. It’s used by companies that have a handful of employees all the way up to 50 subscribers.

Do I need Internet as part of this service?

To get started with Virgin Cloud Voice for your business, you’ll need a reliable high-speed broadband connection that will come as part of the service.

What hardware do I need installed?

Everything you need will work off our broadband router. If you don’t have one already, Virgin Media Business can also install a switch in your premises. This low-fuss device allows for the handsets in your office to be plugged into the provider-hosted network.

How do I get everything set up?

Our support team will be on hand to get you set up and give you full training on the platform. Get in touch today to learn more about what Unified Communications can do for your business.

Can we use mobile phone with Virgin Cloud Voice?

With our mobile app, you can receive and make phone calls from your office number directly on your mobile phone. You can work anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

What support is available to me?

Our package includes a business grade SLA and a dedicated support desk for business customers. As well as a Dublin-based live support desk, there is also an intuitive help function within the self-service portal.

What phones can I use with the service?

Virgin Media Business offer tested IP handsets that you will purchase from us and are yours to keep. We will support these handsets along with your Virgin Cloud Voice service. If you have your own IP handsets already, check with us if they are compatible with our service. If they are, you are welcome to use them, although we will only be in a position to provide our support to your connectivity and Virgin Cloud Voice platform, not your handsets.


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