How do I use my Social Media network login to sign in to My Virgin Media?

My Virgin Media lets you skip remembering yet another username and password with its Social Sign-in. This lets you use your existing information from Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to access our services.


To get started, sign into My Virgin Media and go to the My Profile page where you’ll see the Social Sign-in section on the right of your browser.

Select the social network you want to use to sign in and click “Link”.

From there, the social network you chose will ask for an authentication. Enter your email address and password, and submit it.
There you go, that’s it. The next time you visit My Virgin Media, you can sign in with your social media info.

If you decide you don’t want to use social media login later, simply click “remove” next to the social network you linked in the Social Sign-in section, and your details will be deleted in My Virgin Media.