The games making waves this season

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In today's digital age, the phrase 'connection is key' takes on a whole new meaning, particularly for fierce gamers and fervent streamers.


Picture this: you're immersed in a high-stakes online match or halfway through the latest blockbuster series when, suddenly, the dreaded buffering circle appears. *Cue collective groans*. This frustrating scenario is all too common for many across Ireland, highlighting the obvious need for a robust and reliable connection.


What’s a good broadband speed for gaming?

Experts suggest a nifty 25 Mbps as your starting point to dodge those digital disruptions. But for those seeking the gaming nirvana — crystal-clear 4K visuals, buttery-smooth multiplayer face-offs, and the bandwidth to juggle multiple devices — 100 Mbps or above is your golden ticket. While you might scrape by on a basic 3 Mbps, levelling up to a brisk 50-100 Mbps ensures lightning-quick data transfers and the kind of lag-free life every gamer dreams of.



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Described as the most powerful Xbox ever, the Xbox Series S is not just about making games look better, it’s about making them play better too. Check out some of the exciting new features in store with this superior gaming console:


Need for Speed: Say farewell to sluggish load times and embrace faster, smoother gameplay thanks to the Xbox Velocity Architecture, powered by a bespoke SSD. The Xbox Series S accelerates your gaming adventures and significantly reduces those tedious load screens. Plus, with the all-new Quick Resume feature, you can effortlessly switch between multiple games in an instant.


Power Up: Embark on epic journeys through breathtaking worlds with the Series S. It enhances your gaming experience with sensational 4K gameplay, supporting up to 120 frames per second on compatible content and displays, and it's 8K-ready for the future.


Game Through The Ages: Your gaming legacy is safe with Smart Delivery. Enjoy a vast selection of digital games spanning four generations of Xbox, with hundreds of titles optimised to perfection. Smart Delivery ensures you'll always play the best available version of your game. Plus, any progress you've made in your Xbox One games will seamlessly transfer to the new system.


Enhanced Accessories: Don't fret about your beloved Xbox One gaming accessories. The redesigned Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring a comfortable textured grip and a new Share button, is your trusted companion. Your existing Xbox One gaming accessories are still compatible with the Xbox Series S, so you can continue your gaming journey without missing a beat.


The Xbox Series S is not just a console; it's a gateway to a world of limitless gaming possibilities. Get ready to elevate your gaming experience to new heights – the adventure awaits! 


New releases to test the waters

To put your Virgin Broadband, Ireland’s no.1 fastest broadband, to the test, dive into the virtual realm with us, as we explore some of the hottest new releases. Multiplayer mayhem, solo stunners and even some mobile magic – get your thumbs ready for a sensational season of gaming, with this lot leading the charge!



Available now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC. RRP €59.99

The badlands of dystopian Detroit are no place for the faint of heart – so best steel your nerves before you assume control of the man formerly known as Alex Murphy! Packed with hard-hitting combat and deliciously dark and moody settings, it’s a noirish delight guaranteed to impress both fans of the franchise and newcomers alike!



Available now on Switch

Donning the deerstalker once again, everyone’s favourite pint-sized Pokemon is back on the case! Solving the mysteries of Ryme City with his partner Tim, there’s no doubt who’s the star of the show – but the lush visuals and lovable characters that pop up along the way mean there’s more than the main character to provide a spark!


Is your connection up to speed? Take a speed test to find out!



Available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox Series X/S, PC. RRP €54.99

It’s the thirteenth instalment in the fabulous fantasy action-adventure series – but there’s nothing unlucky about this one! Set during the Anarchy at Samarra in 9th Century Baghdad, it’s a return to the storytelling and stealth gameplay that made the franchise one of the biggest hits in gaming – albeit with plenty of new features thrown in for good measure!



Available now on PS5

Complete with new foes to foil, including the fearsome Venom, it’s time for Max Morales to swing into action – and into your living room – once again! The power of the PS5 made the web-slinger’s previous outings amongst the most spectacular superhero outings in gaming history – and you can bet your bottom dollar there’s plenty more where that came from...



Available now on iOS Android

Bringing the brilliant battle royale game on the go, the mobile version of the seminal shoot-em-up is one of the most anticipated releases in years. Promising a whopping 120 real-life players per match, along with eye-popping graphics and intuitive controls, your commute will suddenly be a whole lot more interesting once this blockbuster arrives!


As the curtain falls on this digital showcase, one thing remains crystal clear: our virtual adventures are only as grand as the connection that powers them. Whether you're stepping into the gritty, rogue city streets of Detroit or swinging alongside Max Morales in New York, the thrill is in the uninterrupted experience. So, as you gear up for this season's gaming glories, remember to bolster your connection with Virgin Broadband – because in the world of pixels and play, it's the unseen hero that makes all the difference.