Misuse of equipment and unauthorised use of television service


In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, it is illegal to copy, distribute copies, show in public or rebroadcast any part of the television programmes or channels provided to you as part of the television service without the consent of the copyright owners.

Access to our services via any device other than what has been installed contractually by the company is illegal. Use of any device not provided by Virgin Media is a criminal and civil offence and is in breach of civil law exposing violators to substantial penalties and /or jail time.

Virgin Media takes the threat of piracy very seriously. We actively co-operate with industry partners to combat this illegal activity.

We have an anti-piracy team that constantly monitors activity across our network in addition to monitoring the sale and use of these devices on online and offline markets. Furthermore, from a technical point of view we constantly send out electronic counter-measures to obstruct the use of these illegal boxes.

The sale, purchase and possession of illicit devices that have no legitimate use other than to by-pass a protected signal such as Virgin Media's is definitely illegal. Where the company is aware of theft of the broadcast signal we will not hesitate to follow all legal avenues to protect our business interests and those of the content providers whose material we make available.

Virgin Media reserves the right to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

If you are aware of such illegal activity please email Virgin Media confidentially at: fraudteam@virginmedia.ie