What is unauthorised use of Television Service?


It simply means TV piracy or theft of services not normally available for free but only on the basis of paying for access to those services. TV piracy results in revenue losses across the entire TV content distribution from the content producers to the TV platform companies.

What are the forms of TV piracy?

There are many forms of TV piracy - all of which constitute theft and are prosecutable by law and punishable by considerable fines and/or jail time. Examples of TV piracy are as follows:

• Use of TV services without actually being a subscriber of that service provider (unauthorised connection to our network)

• Sharing of service provider connection (i.e. splitting the cable and adding an extra connection within your own house or to a neighbour's house)

• Selling, advertising, possessing or using illicit devices to bypass encryption measures of service provider to access TV services without permission or payment

• Subscribing to basic subscription while accessing premium content for free by the use of illicit devices to bypass encryption measures of a service provider

• Using domestic TV subscription for commercial use