Transfer your home phone number to Virgin Media

Porting your old home phone number is simple (and free) when you switch to one of our home phone plans


Frequently asked questions

How do you port your home phone number to Virgin Media?

To move your number, you will need:

  • The name of your old home phone provider
  • The Universal Account Number (UAN) from the previous provider - see the table below for help on this
  • The phone number you want to move to us
  • To fill out this form


Where to find your UAN number:

Please contact your current line rental provider in order to obtain the most recent UAN/Customer ID.


UANs can change frequently so the most recent UAN/Customer ID must be provided to port successfully.

What do you need to do when you're ready to port your number, and how much does it cost?

Fill out this form and we can get the process started for you. It's completely free.

Will your old service be cancelled when your number moves to us?

Cancelling your phone line with your previous provider should happen automatically when you move your phone number to Virgin Media.


We do recommend you make a quick call to your old provider to confirm your service with them has been cancelled, though!

How long does it take for your number to move over? And what else do you need to do to activate it?

It normally takes about one to two days to process your request.


To make calls, you'll need to connect the cable from your phone into the TEL1 socket on the back of your Virgin Media hub.


Really important: To activate your number on your Hub, you'll need to reboot the equipment. Unplug the power cable for two minutes and plug it back in again.


Your number should now be live and active on Virgin Media, and you can start making calls.

Will your monitored house alarm still work?

Our phones are not compatible with monitored alarms. If you rely on one, you'll need to contact your alarm provider to install an extra piece of equipment to your alarm to make it work.

Please contact your alarm provider for further details.

Which phone numbers can you transfer to Virgin Media?

Voice, fax and data numbers, and both analogue and ISDN phone numbers can be transferred.


Important note: Only one number can be moved to your Virgin Media home phone service. If you require more than one phone line for a fax machine or need a second a phone number, you'll need to pay for a second phone line.


A maximum of two Virgin Media phone lines can be installed at one address.

Why can't you receive calls?

There are three possible reasons for this problem.

  1. It's possible that your equipment has not been restarted since your number ported to Virgin Media. To activate your number on your modem, you'll need to reboot the Hub. Unplug the power cable for two minutes and plug it back in again.
  2. Your phone may not yet be connected to your Virgin Media equipment.Try connecting your phone to the TEL1 socket in the back of the equipment. When this is connected, the phone line should work.
  3. Something might not have been completed in the transfer process. Get in touch with a member of our Technical Support team on freephone 1908 or via online chat and we'll sort it for you as soon as possible.

Do you need an Eir phone line to use Virgin Media home phone?

Not at all. Our home phone service is connected via our TV cables, so there's no need for an eir phone line. This also means you do not pay any phone line rental.