Paying your bill

The easiest way to pay your bill is by direct debit, but there are other options too. You can find out more about each of them below


Setting up Direct Debit 

You'll need to follow the next two steps to get a Direct Debit set up:


Joint Bank Account

If you are signing up for the Direct Debit payment option using a joint bank account that requires two signatures, you will need to complete a mandate form.  


Business bank account

You will need to complete a mandate form to set up a Direct Debit from a business bank account.


Go to your My Virgin Media account:

1. Click: My bill and payments

2. Select: Change my billing options

3. Then click: Switch to Direct Debit and enter your payment details

Not registered for a My Virgin Media account yet? Sign up today, to pay by Direct Debit.

Go to My Virgin Media 


Want to pay your bill online?

It’s easy when you register for My Virgin Media 

You’ll need your account number to create your My Virgin Media profile. Then, once you’re signed up, follow these simple steps:


1. Log in to My Virgin Media


2. Select My Bills and Payments


3. Click: Pay my Bill (You’ll have the option to Add credit and can add a credit value of up to €500)


4. On Direct debit? Enter the amount and click: Pay Now. This will be deducted from your bank account. If you’re not on Direct Debit, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card details.