High Speed Broadband for Hospitality 


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Your large hospitality enterprise needs a WiFi and entertainment solution that can handle the needs of your customers.

We care about your guests' comfort as much as you do. We'll provide you with a robust WiFi solution that can manage multi-user streaming and a TV package that is sure to satisfy everyone, from kids to grandparents.


Demand extraordinary: so much more than WiFi and TV

Let us bring all of these capabilities into your business


img Keep your customers coming back for more

Capture customer data so you can share relevant loyalty programmes and special offers.

img Keep your guests entertained

With over 50 TV channels including Sky Sports HD channels 1-5, your customers will be spoilt for choice.

img Say hello to secure, tailored WiFi solutions

Tailor your WiFi to suit the needs of your business with multiple firewalls and multi-layering for customer appropriate access. Because we understand how WiFi works, we'll design your network for optimal effect ensuring when 1000+ devices go online at the same time, it just works.

img Staying in touch has never been so easy

Automatically confirm bookings, send special offers and much more with Business SMS


Complete connectivity and entertainment solutions for hospitality businesses


Offering customers WiFi is a great way to bring more people through your doors and keep them coming back. See why ours is special.


Keep your guests entertained with over fifty great entertainment channels. There's plenty here to keep every customer entertained.


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Costa Coffee Ireland


Costa needed a complete overhaul of their existing WiFi system, which had consisted of a number of different solutions from multiple providers resulting in an inconsistent and problematic service for their customers.