The fast track to a better business: voice, internet & data solutions for automotive industry professionals

As an automotive specialist with multiple sites, you'll want a fully managed service to connect your sites securely and efficiently

Whether you need high speed, secure connectivity or a great voice solution, we always put you in the driver's seat. 


Extraordinary comes as standard: So much more than websites and emails

Let us bring all of these capabilities into your business

Improve productivity

You need a network powerful enough to handle all your applications, and fast enough to keep you one step ahead of competition. 

Keep data secure

On your very own Virtual Private Network, you can keep all your data in one safe place.

Bring your sites together

Integrate all your sites on a single VPN that’s ready to handle everything from email to conference calls.

Boost your online presence

Make sure potential customers know about your business by increasing your website and social media visibility. Host your own website with a Virgin Media static IP address for robust, resilient and totally flexible website management


Internet & phone options for small and independent retailers

Let us bring all of these capabilities into your business


Cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for metropolitan-area network (MAN) and wide-area network (WAN) applications.



Dedicated Internet Access provides the ultimate in connectivity by offering dedicated, direct access to the Internet that's just for you.


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In order to best serve the needs of a wide and varied range of clients, Virgin Media incorporated industry leading WiFi throughout the venue.


"Virgin Media provides The CCD with a diverse internet connection that consists of a dual connection ensuring continued internet service if one of the connections goes down."