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How does Virgin Media broadband work?

Through the use of our DOCSIS 3.0 cable magic you can access a broadband internet connection that is designed to work over HFC network.As our broadband is provided over our own fully owned network, a phone line is not required, so you don’t have the additional costs of line rental charges to other operators. And, as we use coaxial cable, our technology can provide greater bandwidth than telephone lines and so we can provide significantly faster access to the web than DSL operators who provide their service over copper pairs.

How can customers avail of the new broadband speeds?

Here at Virgin Media Business we are constantly working to bring our customers the best services we can. New and existing customers can avail of these services by calling our Business Team on 1800 940 062 or complete an enquiry form on our website. 

Currently we have 4 broadband packages to choose from: 

Business 100 Bundle (100Mb downstream, 10Mb upstream, with up to 2 phone lines and calls included) 
Business 200 Bundle (200Mb downstream, 20Mb upstream, with up to 4 phone lines and calls included) 
Business 300 Bundle (300Mb downstream, 30Mb upstream, with up to 6 phone lines and calls included) 
Business 400 Bundle (400Mb downstream, 40Mb upstream, with up to 8 phone lines and calls included)

Please note: Existing customers looking to upgrade or change to a new bundle will be subject to a new 12 month contract with Virgin Media Business.

Are there any usage restrictions on Virgin Media Business services?

There are no usage restrictions on our broadband, however services cannot be resold. 

Our call packs are subject to a fair usage policy, 1500 minutes to local, national and UK fixed lines. We also offer 200 Ireland mobile minutes in our bundle.

Do I sign up to a contract?

When signing up to Virgin Media Business services you are subject to a minimum 12 month contract. However, contract lengths may vary during promotional periods.

What am I billed for and when?

Your account will be charged from the date your modem is installed. Your invoice will be generated on the 28th of each month and our services are charged one month in advance.

This means that if you are installed before the 28th of the month, your first bill will include a charge for the date leading up to the first bill date from the date of install, as well as your €80 installation fee (if applicable). 

Are there any penalties for cancelling my Virgin Media Business account?

If you have finished your agreed contract term with Virgin Media Business you just need to give 30 days’ notice in order to cancel your account.

However, if you want to cancel your account within your agreed contract term then a €200 fee will apply. This fee will be charged on your last invoice.

My broadband has stopped working. What should I do?

Firstly, should a fault occur on your service we request that you reboot all Virgin Media Modems on site and wait five minutes before logging a fault.

Our Business Support Team are contactable by both email and phone. Below are the contact details and the opening hours for each. 

Business Support Phone Helpdesk
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 21.00
Saturday: 09.00 – 18.00

Phone: 1800 941 941 or 01 245 8694

Business Support Email Helpdesk
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays): 09.00 – 17.30


How can I set up voicemail on my Virgin Media phone line?

To set up Voicemail you need to call the following codes separately from your phone to activate the diverts to the service:


Once this is done you can dial 171 to access and set up the service. 171 is used to check messages going forward.

If at any time you wish to deactivate the service you need to call the following codes separately from your phone:


Please note: Voicemail is not available while Call Hunting is set up. (Call Hunting is a feature which allows calls to bounce from one line to another when the line dialled is unavailable.) 

How can I set up call-forwarding on my Virgin Media phone line?

To activate call forwarding you need to dial the following from your phone:


Then dial the full number you want to divert to including the area code. You will hear beeping and the service is active.

Example: To divert your Virgin Media landline to mobile number 087 1234567 include the full number following the *70 - *700871234567 and then press dial.

For a fixed desk phone, simply lift the receiver and enter the code followed by the number you require your line forwarded to.
To deactivate this you need to dial the following code from your phone:


Please note: Call Forwarding is only available on the main line of a Hunt Group should you have this feature set up.

I am porting my existing phone number over to Virgin Media. How long will this take?

Porting requests are generally completed within 5 working days depending on the line type.

Number porting can only proceed upon receipt of a fully completed porting request form and a copy of your most recent provider’s bill. 

If you have requested your numbers to be ported from your old provider, a member of our Porting Team will be in touch over the next few days to organise a time and date for this to be done.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding our porting process please email our Porting Team

I have signed up to Virgin Media Business. Why am I still receiving a bill from EIR?

With Virgin Media Broadband you receive telephone lines as standard (the number of lines depends on the package you choose). Therefore you do not need to keep your Eir line. Until you cancel this line you will continue to be billed line rental from Eir. 

If you would like to keep your number from Eir, Virgin Media will port your number and your telephone services will be cancelled automatically. Only those ported will cancel. Manual cancellation still required for non-ported numbers. If you have a DSL connection, you will have to cancel this service yourself by ringing Eir.

Do I get Wi-Fi with the modem?







The cable modem has wireless capabilities, however as the device is the demarcation point the service we deliver is only to the device. Due to the nature of wireless and WiFi the speeds that you signed up for are up to the modem. Many factors may cause the speed to be less on your mobile, tablet, laptop and other connected devices. Things such as distance, type of wireless device used (Laptop, phone, tablet, pda etc.), frequency used and interference from other devices and appliances may both interfere and cause the wireless to operate at a slower rate.


Where can I get access to Virgin Media’s Reference Interconnect Offer

Click here for Virgin Media’s Reference Interconnect Offer

Do you offer a Wi-Fi service?

Yes, we recently launched our new Virgin WiFi service. Details are available here.

What are Virgin Media Business Terms & Conditions

For Virgin Media Business customers contracted before the 21st of December 2020, you can find our cable fixed services terms and conditions here and mobile terms and conditions (SIM only and Devices) here.


For Virgin Media Business customers contracted from the 21st of December 2020, you can find our cable fixed services terms and conditions here, and mobile terms and conditions (SIM only and Devices) here.


Terms and conditions for Enterprise business customers are available here.




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