Become an authority: connectivity for government services

Limited resources don't mean you have to compromise on speed or power

If you need to upgrade or install a new service from scratch, chances are another government agency or department has to do the same. Sharing back-office systems, from payroll to HR and call-centres on a single network will not only save you money, it might even help you to work more efficiently too.


So much more than websites and emails

Let us bring all of these capabilities into your operations

Improve efficiency

With a dedicated internet connection, you can benefit from applications and functionality that increase productivity and make savings. Access technology such as video conferencing to cut the cost of travelling to meetings and Voice over IP (VoIP) to cut down on your telecoms bills.

Raise your security levels

Our Public Services Networks operate as secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which allow you to control access to sensitive data while connecting up multiple sites on the same system.

Increase system resilience

Benefit from robust disaster recovery that ensures continuous access to the network with no break in delivering key public services, whatever happens.


Internet & phone options for government services

Let us bring all of these capabilities into your offices


SIP trunking allows voice (VoIP) and data together over a single line. This saves on the cost of separate connections, and increases call quality.



Offers the ultimate in connectivity with dedicated, direct access to the Internet that's just for you.



Cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for metropolitan-area network (MAN) and wide-area network (WAN) applications.



MEF certified Carrier Ethernet increases end-to-end network reach with improved multi-site connectivity and interoperability for multi-vendor network environments



Our wireless radio network connects with the Virgin Media core fibre network at multiple sites across Ireland, giving you access to maximum uptime.


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