Serving you: voice and internet solutions for local authorities

Limited resources don't mean you have to compromise

We also know that local authorities are under increased pressure to do more with less. Fortunately, we're here to help you do just that. For example, we can streamline libraries, schools and leisure services onto a single network, resulting in reduced installation and maintenance costs. We can also help you migrate your call centres to an IP system that lets you make cheaper calls over the internet.

As well as being more cost efficient, our solutions can help improve communication and make you more secure, so it really is a win-win situation.


So much more than websites and emails

Let us bring all of these capabilities into your office

Increase system resilience

Benefit from robust disaster recovery that ensures continuous access to the network with no break in delivering key public services, whatever happens.

Improve communication

More sophisticated systems make it easier for the public to contact you via smart call centres and digitial services.

Promote efficiency

Allow your employees to log in from anywhere, share resources and securely connect their own devices to the system.


Internet & phone options for local authorities

We can provide you with all of these capabilities


IP Transit connects companies to the Internet using their own IP address pools and AS without having to concern themselves with the complexities of Internet routing.



SIP trunking allows voice (VoIP) and data together over a single line. This saves on the cost of separate connections, and increases call quality.



Offering customers WiFi is a great way to bring more people through your doors and keep them coming back. See why ours is special.


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Virgin Media Business began supplying its superfast fibre broadband to schools throughout Ireland.


"Information technology facilities at the school are state-of-the-art including computer tablets, broadband wireless internet access throughout."