Uninest Student Residences

1000 students catered for in Dublin


  1. Uninest Student Residences needed to implement a WiFi service in their newly built student residence in Dublin.

Digital aims

Great quality WiFi is a must-have for the majority of businesses, but for companies providing accommodation to students, it is a crucial element that can make or break a business. Students need fast, reliable connectivity for coursework, entertainment and socialising, and when they’re paying for good quality housing, they expect a great quality connection.

Operational goals

The group needed a fully managed service that could handle high numbers of data-hungry users with multiple devices. They wanted to be able to offer different levels of service for residents and guests, and have an in-house network for their own services. 

Virgin Media Business WiFi for Uninest Student Residences

We installed fully managed Virgin Media Business WiFi to provide Uninest Student Residences Group’s residents with unlimited WiFi.


Our heavy-duty WiFi solution allows the company’s residents to connect up to six devices at once while limiting guest usage to web and emails only. Virgin Media are continuing to support UNINEST by providing 24/7 assistance directly to the end users: their residents. UNINEST also has complete control over costs as they are charged a fixed price per bed per annum. 

About Uninest Student Residences

Uninest Student Residences was established in Dubai and provides beds to thousands of students across Ireland, Germany, Dubai and the UK.

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