Shop talk: voice and internet solutions for retailers

As a medium-sized retailer, you'll want a fully managed service to connect your sites securely and efficiently.

Whether you're selling food or futons, we provide a wide range of options to help you manage your business. From customer WiFi solutions to a multi-site connection for your entire business, we'll have the right fit for you. But don't just take our word for it - our carrier ethernet is CE2.0 certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum. 


So much more than web browsing and emails

Let us bring all of these capabilities into your shop

Credit card processing

Process cards instore, online, and anywhere. All you need is a secure phone line.

Improve efficiency and communication across sites

Connect tills in multiple locations to your back office system to support real time inventory management, reporting, automated ordering, book-keeping, reconciliation and more.

Give your employees the freedom to move around your site

Allow sales assistants to quickly and remotely check on stock levels, answer customer queries direct from the shop floor or send email receipts.

Never miss a sales opportunity

Enable your customers to use a range of payment applications such as Apple and Samsung Pay.


Connectivity Options for Medium-Sized Retailers

Let us bring all of these capabilities into your shop


Offering customers WiFi is a great way to bring more people through your doors and keep them coming back. See why ours is special.



MEF certified Carrier Ethernet increases end-to-end network reach with improved multi-site connectivity and interoperability for multi-vendor network environments


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We won't give you the hard sell. During your chat with us, we'll talk about your business, the challenges you face, and how we can help. Our goal is that you come away with a product that's tailored for you.

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"Virgin Media had the versatility to deliver everything we needed quickly. With their help we have been able to grow our business."