Business Fibre Broadband for Medium Healthcare




As a healthcare provider, your priority is always the patient.

We know that when you have the right resources in the right place at the right time, the outcome is better for those in your care. We understand that, and we're here to help. We know that patient data privacy is a huge concern, and that when you're at your busiest, the last thing you need is a drop in your connection to slow you down. 

Security and confidentiality: much more than browsing and email

Our Virtual Private Networks are just that - private. There’s no need to share your connectivity with anyone else, so you know that your data is safe and secure.


img Support your patients where and when they need it

Whether you're working remotely or from your practice, allow your patients to get in touch in a way that suits them.

img Keep in touch and reduce no-show rates

With our Business SMS Service, you can automatically send appointment reminders, appointment change alerts, and patient surveys.

img Boost productivity

Improve outpatient and GP efficiency with video conference appointments. Speed up access to records and data for different departments, enhancing productivity across your organisation.

img Show your patients you care

Improve the waiting room environment by providing TV and WiFi facilities.

Always connected: Voice, internet & data solutions for healthcare providers

Offering customers WiFi is a great way to bring more people through your doors and keep them coming back. See why ours is special.

Virgin Dedicated Internet Access provides the ultimate in connectivity by offering dedicated, direct access to the Internet that's just for you.


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