When time is money: speedy data solutions for high tech & IT professionals

As an IT or high tech professional you need a connectivity solution that can keep up

Whether you're a graphic designer or an IT support provider, you'll need an internet connection that's fast, reliable and secure. Add in an unbeatable service level agreement and you can rest assured that you'll always be able to reach your clients, no matter what time zone they're in.


Demand extraordinary: so much more than a speedy connection

Let us bring all these capabilities into your business

Symmetric service

No more waiting around. A symmetric service you'll get the same upload and download speeds

Static IP address

Available as standard to support all your remote connectivity needs

Effortlessly move those huge data files

Broadband might not be quite enough for the volumes of data you need to move around on a regular basis. That's where our High Capacity Services come in handy.

Traffic management

Keep an eye on your own traffic usage with a dedicated portal


Speedy data solutions for high tech & IT professionals

Let us bring a full data solution into your business


IP Transit connects companies to the Internet using their own IP address pools and AS without having to concern themselves with the complexities of Internet routing.



MEF certified Carrier Ethernet increases end-to-end network reach with improved multi-site connectivity and interoperability for multi-vendor network environments


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Virgin Media launched a free public Wi-Fi service accessible to all employees and visitors to EastPoint Business Park.


"It is interesting to see the spike in demand that happens when the sun comes out. On the day of our launch, users consumed the bandwidth equivalent of watching 11 high definition movies."