The rise of digital business and how to succeed in Enterprise 

What is digital transformation?

There may be a misconception that digital transformation is just about technology, but that’s not the case.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, “Digital transformation is a foundational change in how an organization operates, communicates, and engages with customers.” The traditional way of operating is becoming more digital.

Digital Transformation is also about upskilling the people in your company as it takes a team to work through a transformation.

As Brian Corish, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive simply puts it: “Digital transformation is reinventing the business model. It’s reinventing processes.”

What does it take to build a digital business? Across the Ireland, businesses are now expected to be au fait with the latest digital technology, trends and innovations, delivering a seamless experience to consumers and employees alike. It’s therefore vital that every business has a watertight digital transformation strategy, one that not only looks to enhance existing technologies, but which is also responsive enough to confidently adapt to completely new tools, ideas and methodologies.

Building for a digital future has been a core part of many business leaders’ strategies for quite some time, but with the sheer speed and scale at which digital technology is evolving, these initiatives are often in a state of constant flux. Simply being able to accurately determine the required investment in certain digital technologies, both in financial and educational enterprise.


So, what are the digitalisation enterprise trends for 2023?

For the not so distanced future, predicts the following are digital transformation Enterprise businesses should look out for.

  • AI and machine learning
  • Increase migration to the Cloud Computing
  • Intelligent search
  • Automation
  • Virtual business collaboration
  • Customer data platforms

AI and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most important technologies for digital transformation for Enterprise business. AI is important because it can help organizations make better decisions by providing insights about customer behavior, demographics, and what they want. ML is important because it can help companies use data to create personalized experiences for their customers.

More and more software utilized by companies incorporates these two technologies to help them develop the intelligence needed to free staff members from tedious activities and assist senior management in making wise judgments.


Increase Migration to Cloud Computing

Enterprise Businesses are relying more and more on cloud technologies, particularly when it comes to cutting expenses, improving accessibility, and outsourcing tedious routine maintenance work.

More businesses will move to the cloud as technology develops and internet speeds rise, especially in nations where they have historically been slow, in order to take advantage of all the unique advantages they provide. For businesses that handle sensitive data to start adopting cloud technologies, cloud technology providers must overcome a difficult challenge: strengthening their security model.


Intelligent search

To give consumers more accurate and personalized search results, Intelligent Search employs AI technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, semantic search, and natural language processing. It breaks down data silos in businesses, allowing information to be extracted from potentially any data source.

Search intelligence can deliver smarter results faster and provides a single point of access to enterprise content sources, allowing data to be enhanced, searched, and analysed in both structured and unstructured formats.



Automation is one of the biggest elements of the rise of digital trends
enterprise when looking into the digital transformation trends to follow.

Business process automation solutions assist organizations in removing the requirement for human execution of internal procedures and accelerating their completion.

In the medium to short term, these technologies offer the potential to increase productivity, enhance the customer experience, and digitize operations, however they do require a learning curve to get any project off the ground.

Over 80% of corporate leaders according to say they are accelerating work process automation and growing their usage of remote labour. 

The greatest method to accelerate automation is to select the right business

process automation tools, which may assist produce faster outcomes with less

coding skills.

These tools, when used in combination with digital signature software, will transform how your company operates daily.


Virtual Business Collaboration

The COVID19 pandemic was one of the worst things that could have occurred to us in the past two years, but on the bright side, it has significantly influenced companies’ decision to begin using or aggressively adopting digital technologies. 

Businesses discovered that they could not function while their employees worked from home, which encouraged increased investment in digital software that facilitates virtual collaboration, whether it be team collaboration tools or document collaboration tools.

We anticipate increasing investment in creating an environment for virtual collaboration that is even better than working from your company’s offices.


Customer Data Platforms

A customer data platform is a technology that connects different applications and databases to enable customer-centric data and analytics.

Customer data platforms are used for managing customer information, analyzing customer trends, identifying opportunities for future marketing efforts, and building more personalized customer experiences.

Customer data platforms are a way to integrate all the information about your customers from different sources into one place so that you can make better decisions.


Conclusion: The Benefits of Digital transformation for Enterprise Business

The future of digital transformation is no longer a dot on the horizon. The pressing need to become digitised cannot be ignored - certainly not if your
organisation has any interest in success or profits. The digital age isn’t new,
but it is different.

You need to be where your customers are and that’s online. As technologies continue to develop and social media evolves to enable in-app purchases, ensure your business has the know-how and skills to connect, engage and influence in the digital space.

Digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s about the people in a business. To get ahead in your transformation journey invest in your team and ensure they have the training and support required to learn new digital skills and hone existing ones. At Virgin Media Business we have a wide range of up-to-date tools to stay ahead of the game.


Why not contact us today to get the best out of digital transformation tools and innovation for Enterprise in 2023.



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