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Risky business? It doesn’t have to be…

Your organisation is a valuable target for hackers. Security breaches can be a costly time-waster and damage your reputation.

We help businesses of all sizes protect themselves. A few affordable safeguards can bolster your digital defences.

Our security options are constantly updated and will detect and inhibit threats before you’re lumbered with a big problem (and a big bill).

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A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a coordinated attempt to disable your website by multiple connected online devices. It can happen to any unprotected website online. Virgin Media Business’ DDoS Protection Service stops DDoS attacks against your business.



Access the sites and services you need to without the need for ‘blanket bans’ that can slow you down. Respond to potential threats with pinpoint precision. Choose the support that’s best for your business: let us look after it for you, or work alongside our experts.


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